20 years after the official 'HIV/AIDS' proclamation

I am not 'HIV' positive (whatever that means), and do not know anybody in my entourage with that label. I am not a women, not gay, and not working or studying in a medical field.

Born in 1960, I was lucky that my mother did not take Thalidomide. A then popular drug prescribed to pregnant women to combat symptoms associated with morning sickness, resulting in horrific birth defects for thousands of children around the world.

In 1984, I was at McGill University, in a biological field of study, when the HIV mythology was officially proclaimed. I enjoyed browsing through the current scientific journals every week and never saw any proof, or reliable evidence of 'HIV' transmission; contrary to the propaganda relayed in the mainstream media.

However the fear of love instilled by the sexual AIDS myth had a tremendous impact on our society.

- By 1987, it had killed the sexual revolution. Effectively dismissed the Peace and Love movement.
- In the USA, promoting sexual abstinence is now the preferred strategy (officially) to prevent 'HIV' infection.
- With the 'HIV' pretense, some people are sent to jail after consensual sex.
- Never mind the health benefits of love, and sex.

The HIV mythology, a part of the sexual AIDS myth, also justifies poisoning babies (and their pregnant mothers) and poor children until death. Right now, here in North America (and elsewhere). With our implicit consent.

Since 1996 in Canada, believing (faith) it would reduce 'HIV' transmission. That is when I subscribed to the Internet, hoping to help stop these crimes.

We actually pluck some babies from the arms of their mothers, place them in foster homes and force-feed useless but toxic anti-'HIV' medication with gruesome side effects, including body deformations, until death.

AZT, given in 1996, was one of the most toxic medications on the market, they would not even use it for cancer patients. Yet we told pregnant mothers not to drink alcohol or smoke, because it could affect their babies.

Nowadays, with a different cocktails of drugs, liver failure is the leading cause of death among individuals being treated with AIDS medications in the United States. Although 'HIV' has never been claimed to damage the liver. That is, for those adults who choose to take the recommended medication; the aforementioned babies and children do not have that choice.

These are some of the tragic consequences of the HIV mythology, here in North America.

And while we blame sex for almost all the ills in Africa, abdicating our responsibilities; every hour, more than 500 African mothers lose a small child, according to the latest WHO World Health Report. It has nothing to do with 'AIDS', the main causes of death today among children were also occuring 50 years ago, related to poverty and malnutrition: perinatal conditions, diarrhoeal diseases, pneumonia, and malaria.

Something to think about, 20 years after the official 'HIV/AIDS' proclamation.

More details: The Myth of Sexual 'AIDS'
Gilles St-Pierre, April 2004
Peace and Love .ca